Nexus of Evil

Nexus of Evil is the story of a group of teenagers that have their summer camp experience cut short by a mystery.  15 years later they reunite and return to the campground to relive their last week only to find out the reason that the camp was stopped in the first place.

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Die in the movie!   

We are raffling off a chance to be killed (not for real, just for movie) in Nexus of Evil. You can get raffle tickets by contacting Second Wind Productions or at multiple locations in Montana.
SORRY, THE RAFFLE HAS ENDED. Thanks to our winner Sadie. Watch for her as the hapless flower girl in the final version.

Meet our sponsors and supporters

There are a lot of companies and individuals who are contributiing to make this movie the cult classic that it is bound to become. Look here for further announcements on our ssupporters and their part in the film.

On the Internet Movie Database

IF you would like even more information on the production, please visit the page on the IMDb. You can do so by clicking on the icon above.

Production Shots

When we are finished with principle photography we will share pictures here for everyone to see.

Thank You Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

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