Our Features

At Second Wind Productions, Features are our true passion.  We take pride in the feature films we produce. We put a lot of blood sweat and tears into making your project the way you envision it. With Second Wind at your side we will walk with you through the whole process! Our connections and ties to Montana make us a great option to produce your feature films including sources for crew, cast, equipment, locations, tax incentives and more.  
Here are a few features in progress

Nexus of Evil

Nexus of Evil is the story of a group of teenagers that have their summer camp experince cut short by a mystery.  15 years later they reunite and return to the campground to relive their last week only to find out the reason that the camp was stopped in the first place.
Produced and Directed by Second Wind
Coming Halloween 2020!

Poplar Bluff

A New York City mathematician arrives in a small, Midwestern town to locate the gravesite of his long-forgotten Aunt, who died under mysterious circumstances some fifty years earlier, only to discover - in a startling, surprise ending - a horrifying truth about his family...and himself.
Shooting Summer 2020
We are invloved in producing this feature.


Five is the story of 5 assassins sent to a private retreat in the middle of nowhere to team up for the ultimate hit - with a twist of course.
Shooting Fall 2020
Produced and Directed by Second Wind

Somewhere in Montana

Two diametrically opposed men, a rancher and a filmmaker, must come to terms with the idea that fate may have tied their fortune or their failure to each other.
Shooting Summer 2021
Produced and Directed by Second Wind

In OUr area...

Below are a few pictures that we have used to showcase our area and the immediate surroundings. 
If you think it's beautiful, you are correct!

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