Commercial and Corporate Projects

Along with our many creative efforts, Second Wind has worked on a number of commercial projects including non-profit, political, TV, corporate and product marketing campaigns.  If you are looking for a professional project we can likely do it cheaper and better than you can find elsewhere.  Bonus: shoot your commercial in Montana and you get to stay in Montana!  Not only will we get your project completed on time and on budge, but you'll also get the opportunity to experience the best of what NW Montana has to offer - fishing, hiking, national parks, boating and more.       


With Fastcraft, we developed a high quality, fast paced video that brought a different level of presentation to the debut of the newest tool in their line-up!

Dear Candidate

Dear Candidate was shown on CNN and Fox News as a platform for the Open Source Montana initiative. Our goal was to create an effective, yet non-partisan political commercial and we believe that we achieved just that!

Welcome Home Inc.

Highlighting our non-profit work is a video for Welcome Home Inc, an organization that provides local services for veterans. Great people doing great work.

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